The Tellabs CER Data Utility is provided to facilitate the importing of data into the Cisco CER (Cisco Emergency Response) system. The utility will query the targeted OLTs LLDP data and retrieve equipment data that matches a specified system description name. This utility will perform a one-time execution (and data retrieval). The Windows system scheduler must be used if the utility needs to be executed at regular intervals.

This utility does not perform the import into the Cisco CER system. After the utility has been executed and the data has been obtained, separate steps to import the data into the Cisco CER must be taken.

Applies To
Tellabs OLT SR29.2 or above and any EMS version are supported.

For installation, configuration and utility execution instructions, please reference ENG-010609.

Technical Support:

North America Toll Free: +1 800 690 2324, option 1
International: +1 630 798 9900, option 1
France: 01 85 64 04 05, option 1